We uniquely offer architectural service package options to work within your budget and experience level. In addition, a la carte services are available to add and customize any package!

Not doing a major renovation or new construction? Beyond that, we can still help.



If you’re experienced in the building process, this cost reduced option provides a condensed design process and construction drawings with general information to obtain a building permit while providing flexibility for you to manage the permit process, specification and construction phase yourself.

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BEST VALUE! If you’re looking for a little more guidance and assistance in envisioning design goals and obtaining a building permit, this option provides select design deliverables, construction drawings with general information, and guided submittal for building permit while providing flexibility for you to manage specifications and the construction phase yourself.

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RECOMMENDED: If you’re looking for a fun and pain-free process to craft your unique space, this option provides an exclusive full-service architectural experience where we work side by side with you from the first call to move-in day! You receive our in depth design process, assistance through construction bidding, smooth and stress-free permitting and engagement throughout construction.  

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