The spaces we occupy can affect thoughts, emotions, physical responses and even socioeconomic standing. We believe spaces, like your health and vehicles, require regular expert attention for optimal performance, particularly the performance of the occupants. Beyond major renovation or new construction, our expertise and input on the spaces you occupy everyday can help you live a more efficient, happier and healthier life.

Architects receive extensive training in design thinking which promotes empathy, teaches problem solving techniques, trains to develop various potential solutions, and instructs how to identify the solution most likely to work. In addition, architectural education embarks on a grueling journey of studies to understand  design theory, architectural history, anthropology and sociology, building code research, accessibility, sustainable design, construction, cost analysis, structural and seismic design, and building systems — mechanical, electrical and plumbing design. Beyond developing construction drawings we have a wealth of knowledge to help you improve how you live, work and play.

In the home, our expertise and input transform spaces to places of serenity and inspiration. In the office we achieve strategic-level objectives and promote the culture of a company. In fact, studies reveal that buildings with quality design and healthy and sustainable features result in greater marketability and faster leasing and sales velocity, in some cases, commanding up to a 20 percent rent premium over market rate, in addition to savings on operational costs. We can even make recommendations on how to structure your space to improve fitness, games and entertaining. Below are a few examples, but there’s so much more that we can do to help you with your space. How can we help you improve?



We’re happy to advise! Many space layouts and designs are counter-intuitive to occupant lifestyles, increasing stress and inefficiencies, often undetected.

After discussing your goals and identifying potential areas of improvement, we provide a detailed action plan, options and recommendations to guide you on your way to a happier, healthier and more efficient space and life!


space planning

Tired of lugging heavy furniture around, only to find out the layout just doesn’t work?!

Having an event, changing up the living room, or hiring more employees? Our team will work with you to develop efficient plans with layout options to make sure you get it right the first time!


architectural survey

Professionally documented plans are one of the most unknown and undervalued assets a building owner can have.

Our extensive building industry knowledge and experience provides for a detailed architectural survey report that can be utilized for future construction, appraisals, insurance, square footage verification for property value adjustments, sale or rental property marketing and much more…

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